Will Insurance Cover a Bad Repair?

I drive a 1998 Toyota Sienna. In August/September of last year the motor blew out. I took the van to a certified mechanic. The mechanic replaced the motor with a new one. After the work was completed I started having other problems with the van. I finally took the van to the Toyota dealership. I learned that the mechanic put the wrong motor in and put all of the electrical in backwards. The dealership said the van was basically totalled. The manager of the dealership explained that they would not work on the van as it is not repairable.

My question is this. Since I have full coverage would an insurance company replace the van?


In general, your car insurance will not cover faulty workmanship in the repair of your car. I would recommend that half-hour of free legal advice and see if you have a case to sue the original mechanic. That might be your best bet to get some compensation for your vehicle.

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