Car Insurance Discounts

I plan to be buying a 1995-1997 M3 BMW at the first of the year. With that in mind, I know that the insurance rate per month is going to be horrendous because of my young age. My question is this: do you know of any insurance companies for which I can begin doing something now (other than being a good driver) that will in the future help me to have a lower insurance rate with the same car that I have chosen to purchase


It's smart to be thinking ahead regarding discounts that you might qualify for. Any driving courses that you can take which are recognized by your state or a driving association like AAA should help. You might also want to look into discounts for membership in a driving club or association of some kind. There are lots of ways to get discounts and you have some time before you plan to buy. We have a section on this site regarding discounts to car insurance.

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