Liability Insurance for Small Business

I manage a small business. We manage two broadcast towers. Our local insurance agent cannot find anyone who will write liability insurance for us, except at rates that assume that we are involved in the risky business of climbing these towers. We do not climb them. We handle leases, clean the grounds, restrooms and such, and call service people to fix air conditioners and elevators.

Where can we go to find insurance at reasonable rates?


In addition to the agent you are working with now, I'd consider contacting multiple insurance brokers and preferably ones that have worked with either construction companies or other contractor type companies. You need someone to act as an intermediary and present the information on your business in the proper manner. An insurance agent, as knowledgeable as that person is, may not have the amount of leverage that a broker may have – especially if that broker is bringing in a lot of business for insurance companies in your area.

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