Hit and Run Accident

My car was recently hit in a parking lot in a hit-and-run. If I report this to my insurance am I responsible for a deductible? Will the incident be included on my motor vehicle record and be considered a claim and therefore an accident, increasing my premiums?  



In all likelihood, the answer is "yes" to both your questions. In many cases, if the damage is minimal, you could be better off having the repairs done yourself without reporting to your insurance company.

Posted by editor@insuranceguide101.com on February 10,2007 at 11:40 AM
I can't say for sure what will happen regarding charges and health time, but here's what I would suspect: you will likely face charges, but the fact that you tried to come  back and make it right could go a long way to help you avoid jail time. My best advice is to get a lawyer and be prepared for your insurance rates to go up.
Posted by tony on February 9,2007 at 10:10 PM
i was the hit and runner in an accident, but i realized what i did was incredibly stupid so returned hoping to see the couple still there to give my info but they were not. The next day the police department was open i went in first thing and told them what had happened and called the insurance company to see if my plate got called in and it hadent. i thought i was off the hook and all of a sudden is came up a few days ago, since i took myself in and told the insurance company what are my chances that  i will not get charged and jail time>>????
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