Non-owner Automobile Insurance

I am currently looking for a non-owners automobile policy. I just don't own a car, but do occasionally drive. Can you offer any assistance, information or advice?



Non-owner car insurance is really the same as getting an "umbrella" liability policy. Why? Non-owners coverage is mainly to cover you with liability for what you do to others, in ANY car you do not own. This will cover you in a rental car or in a borrowed car. Your policy should cover both liability in the form of Bodily Injury or Property Damage. When you get the non-owner insurance, you must call the agent later if you buy a car so that it can be changed to an owner's policy.


These policies can be purchased from most insurance companies that issue non-standard policies; however, it will likely take some research to find one. Your best bet is an insurance broker that will want to keep your business even as your insurance needs change. Be sure to work with more than one broker, since each broker may work with a different group of insurance companies.

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