Turned Down by Medicaid

What are my options if my daughter needs a biopsy, but I do not have any health insurance on her and I do not qualify for Medicaid? Are there any insurance companies out there that are willing to insure her knowing this condition? 




This is a very tough situation.

Perhaps you can fight for Medicaid coverage. With Medicaid, you have important appeal rights. Be sure to check with Medicaid to understand what the appeal procedure is and get moving on that.

Whether you fight it or not, you'll still need insurance and health care, right? Here are some options to consider:

Maybe your state has an insurance pooling program for high-risk people. Check your state's government website or department of insurance.

If you are low-income and have children, you and your children may be eligible for Medicaid or your state's SCHIP program. You can still be working and healthy to get on these programs.

Are there county facilities where you can get care? If you have an urgent need for medical care, you should check out what county facilities like hospitals and clinics may be available in your area. Each county or state may have a different program for determining how much, if any, of the cost of care that you would have to pay.

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