Condo Insurance Claim

I recently moved into a condo in Florida and I wanted to fix my apartment before I purchased insurance. I painted and put new carpet in, but before I could even have the carpet stretched and seamed, my neighbor upstairs had a kitchen faucet leak and my apartment was flooded. There was considerable damage. The neighbor's insurance man tells me that I am responsible for my own unit and that my neighbor's insurance does not cover me. There must be something I can do to claim my losses as it was no fault of mine. My question is: what can I do to get my neighbor to pay for this mishap? Can I file in small claims court against him or the insurance company?



Condo insurance issues can be very problematic. What seems to make "common sense" often doesn't work in these situations and because you have no insurance you don't have your insurance company to work on your behalf with the neighbor's insurance company.


However, in some cases, even having insurance yourself does not automatically reduce your likelihood of problems in a claim situation.


Given that you didn't have insurance and your neighbor's insurance is not willing to pay, I would consult a lawyer and check out your options. Court may be your only option.

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