Insurance for Long-Term Rental Cars

I don't have a car currently. I am moving to Los Angeles for a couple of months and am renting a car from a rental company. I can't afford the insurance they offer and am curious if I have any other options. Is it possible to get a policy where I would be covered driving any car?



Yes, you can. You can get a non-owner's car insurance policy, which is basically an "umbrella liability" policy. However, if you happen to have a "gold" credit card in your possession, check the benefits on it. There are many gold and platinum level credit cards that will provide you with automatic insurance, but you'll need to know the details so that you can be sure you have enough insurance. If you do have a credit card that allows you to waive rental insurance coverage, you might still want a non-owners policy, in order to ensure that you have enough liability coverage.

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