Another Way to Find a Lost Insurance Company

I am trying to contact someone with Washington National Insurance.  Can you give me a phone number?
I found a lot of interesting information on Washington National Insurance, including contact information, and I found it at the website of the Texas Department of Insurance. This is a really good information source and worth checking out. The specific page for Washington National Insurance is:
For anyone looking for an insurance company, your state's department of insurance or insurance commissioner is a good place to start. Some states have considerable databases of information on insurance companies.
Having said that, the online information provided by the Texas Department of Insurance is one of the most comprehensive I've seen, and they may even have information on your insurer (even though your insurer is out of their state, as in the case of Washing National). They provide an extensive history of each company in their system, including mergers and acquisitions, which could help you track down a company you've lost track of that no longer operates under the name that you know.
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