Policy in Effect?

My mother in law passed away Jan. 1, 2006.  In going through her papers I found two insurance policies. My question is: are these still good?  The will is in probate and I need to find out as much information as I can, so the estate can be closed.


You sent me the policy numbers that you are interested in, but this is information you'll have to get on your own, for two reasons:

1. Only you have the names of the insurance companies from the policies; and,

2. Information on the policies would only be provided to either the policy holder or the beneficiary. If the beneficiary of the policies is her estate, than the person handling the probate of her will can get this information.

If the actual difficulty is that no one has been able to find the companies for the policies, then check out www.dnb.com. You can enter the company names and see if you can locate the insurers yourself. If not, consider having DNB research the current status of the companies for you. DNB will charge for this service.

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