Transamerica Life Insurance Policy

I'm not sure if this is where I need to go with this. I have a $19.46 amt that is coming out of my bank acct from the above company. I call their 800 number and am told they don't have a policy for me. I've tried faxing 3 times and am getting no response. I do not have a policy number, only an ID that shows on my bank. I'm not sure where to go to find this company.  Is there more than one Transamerica Life? 
This is a problem that I've heard of before. Unfortunately, your bank is not required to keep a record of the full corporate name or contact for automatic payments that come out of your account!
I did a quick search on the DNB website for "Transamerica Life", and found 16 entries including a number of companies that don't have that name but trade under that name. If you don't find your company listed at DNB, my other thought is to use the MIB Policy Locator Service. If it's health or life insurance, they should have a record of your original application, and the company, including some contact information for that company. You can get more information at  (And no, MIB is not "Men In Black"! MIB is an information service that is used by insurers in the life and health insurance business.)
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