Hurricane Flood Damage

Does homeowners' insurance cover flood damage due to a hurricane? In other words, if the proximate cause of the water damage is actually wind, does homeowners insurance cover it, or is it covered by flood insurance or is it somehow split?



This is a very good question, and one that many people in our hurricane-damaged areas are wondering about. Unfortunately, it's not possible to give you an easy answer.


In most cases, your homeowners' insurance will not cover flood damage. Even if it's actually caused by "wind", the insurance company may deem it "flood" and refuse to pay. If the actual cause is hurricane, only hurricane insurance will cover you. But insurers don't really want to pay out billions in claims and so they might claim that your damage happened through wind only and not hurricane. And your homeowners insurance may deem "wind" to have been hurricane.


Unfortunately, in a claim situation, although YOU hired the insurance company, they are your "opposition" to getting your claim paid.


I've never heard of any two insurance programs "splitting" the cost of a claim, unless you are talking about "re-insurance" (which is a whole other topic). In all likelihood, any insurance company will attempt to determine whether they have responsibility to pay the claim or not. Sharing responsibility for a claim is very rare, and mostly occurs in condominium situations, and it's often a bitterly fought battle before any monies change hands.

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