Advertising Insurance

I'm looking into buying insurance for a welcome service business I am starting. In addition to general liability, I've been told I should purchase "advertising" insurance because of the nature of my business. (I will be delivering gift bags full of promotional products and information from local business sponsors to new homeowners and new business owners). 

What does "advertising" insurance cover? Will this type of insurance protect me if a homeowner that received one of my gift bags sued due to damage done by one of my sponsors? For example, if a roofing company advertises in the gift bag and the roofer damaged a homeowner's house, could the homeowner sue me as well as the roofer? And if so, will the advertising insurance cover me?


Many parties such as publishers, website owners and other parties have liability insurance policies that cover, among other provisions, liability of the insured for "advertising injuries." I believe this is the coverage that has been recommended to you as "advertising insurance." It's really a special form of liability.

You might want to consult with a legal professional, just to be sure that the insurance policy you consider will really meet the potential needs of your business.

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