Long-Term Coverage for Medical Conditions

My father has suffered from two heart attacks and recently had viral meningitis. He is currently unemployed and is not in any shape to work. What would be my first steps to get him long-term disability? How long does it take for him to get approval? He lives in Ontario, Canada.



This is a very tough situation. Given your father's situation, you are likely looking at having to go to the Canadian equivalent of Medicare, probably both through Federal agencies as well as Provincial agencies, in order to help him while he is unemployed.


If you are looking for your father to be able to get some kind of social assistance as well, you will need to have medical documentation from your father's doctors. However, the requirements for such documentation can vary. I would call your local government office for both federal and provincial assistance first and get the requirements from them. Then you'll have to get the required paperwork filled out by your father's medical specialists or doctors.


If you need help navigating the process, I'd check with your municipal offices. They may be able to steer you in the right direction.

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