Insurance and Bad Credit

I'm looking for homeowners insurance. I haven't had it for 2 years now because no one would insure me. I couldn't get it because I hadn't had it and so I was in a real bind. Also my credit rating is not that good. And now I'm hearing that I can't get insurance because my credit rating is bad.

As a result, I haven't lived in my house for 2 years. I'm trying to get refinancing done in order to get some money to make repairs, but I can't get refinancing until I have insurance. I'm really in a catch-22 now. Who can I call?


Most states have some sort of high-risk insurance pool for health insurance. Have you tried finding out if your state has anything similar for home insurance? Definitely, I would call your state insurance commissioner and see if there is any information that they can give you regarding insurance companies that might be willing to work with someone in your position.

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