Claims for Antique Furniture

I am trying to find out how to list antique furniture on my flood insurance claim after Hurricane Katrina. I have some furniture that is 2-months-old and some 160-year-old antiques. Since FEMA is lumping all furniture together from each room, my antiques are totally negating the value of my new furniture due to depreciation. If I have a 160-year-old desk that I bought 10 years ago for $3500 and the replacement value is $3500, do I list the age as 160 years or 10? Can I put all antiques in a separate category so their age does not hurt the depreciation value of my new furniture? Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated.



This is a very difficult situation, and I can only refer you to FEMA. You'll have to discuss the unique aspects of your situation with them.

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