Getting Insurance Where You Live

I am currently a full-time student at Coventry University. I have just started my first year and I have moved into a university-managed house in Coventry. I have taken my car to school with me, as I wanted an easy way to travel back home to my parents' house in Hull

In the August my car insurance was due, so I renewed the policy using my parent's address with the post office. I did ask them about taking my car to university and they gave me a quote for doing this. However, it was twice the price, so I have decided to take a risk.

Am I taking a risk? How could they prove that I was temporarily living in Coventry if I have an accident or my car gets stolen?

In the meantime, I rang another insurance company and they said if I had taken insurance out with them, I would need to have the vehicle insured at the Coventry address, but when I came back to Hull during Christmas and summer, I could ring them and they would change the details and give me a refund (as insurance is cheaper at my parents' address). I would then have to contact them again when I returned to university. Would it be beneficial to change insurance companies?  


In a word: Yes. In fact, you have put yourself in a very bad position by taking insurance under "false pretences." If you do have an accident, and the insurance adjuster finds out that you actually live on campus at Coventry, the insurance company will be fully within its rights to deny you any coverage. I would fix this immediately so that you are insured at the Coventry address.

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