High Risk or Not?

We live in a historical house in Ontario, Canada. For some ridiculous reason our insurance company has decided to drop the account, citing that it is "high risk". I have no comprehension of their thinking considering that 22 years ago it burned down and has been completely rebuilt. Therefore, we have new wiring, plumbing, air conditioning and central vac. We have no fireplaces in the guest rooms and our other two fireplaces are gas. There is a completely fenced inground pool. There is a fire hydrant in our front yard. The bedrooms all have a water source.

Let me know if you can advise me on whom to contact in our area that understands these things. Our broker is looking into the matter as well, but didn't know where to look.


This is a very strange situation. Unfortunately, every insurance company will have their own underwriting guidelines. You seem to have stumbled across a company that has made a big change in its underwriting rules and you are now suffering the fallout.

As we don't recommend insurance companies, agents or brokers, my only recommendation is that you also make use of at least one more broker in your area. Each broker will work with a different set of insurance companies; and while your broker may be stymied, another will not be.

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