Insurance for "Off Grid" Home

We are looking for a homeowner's insurance policy that will satisfy a lender's requirement for a recreational home that is off the electrical grid (solar powered with back-up diesel generators) and on a road that is not currently plowed for snow in the winter. It is completely surrounded by the National Forest. Can you advise us as to what companies write policies for these types of remote properties? The property has been in place for 27-years and was previously insured as "grandfathered" by a company whose guidelines now preclude insuring this property with the change of ownership.



Unfortunately, this can happen – a new owner takes over a home and finds they can't get insurance. The previous underwriting rules no longer apply or there is new legislation that affects the home. This is a tough situation. Again, we don't recommend insurance companies, agents or brokers. My recommendation in this case would be to speak with your state's Department of Insurance or research brokers in the area that might have experience with getting insurance on remote properties.

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