Insurance for the Driver Only

Is there such a thing as DRIVER insurance as opposed to CAR insurance? My husband's employer does not insure the vehicle he drives for them. (We can't report this; my husband would be fired.) I wanted to maybe get insurance for HIM driving a vehicle - rather than for a vehicle he is driving. Is there such a thing available?


Yes – you can get a non-owner's insurance policy. It's basically a form of liability insurance for your husband and it would cover rental vehicles and such. However, given that your husband's company is not insuring the vehicle, I'm not sure what the implications would be for getting this kind of insurance. I'd also recommend a half-hour's free legal advice from a lawyer that understands car insurance and the law surrounding cars and accidents. I'd think that you should be sure that your husband isn't going to have trouble if something happens – even if he has insurance

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