Trying to Find an Insurance Company

I am paying a policy by automatic monthly payment and think I have lost the insurance name. How can I track the insurance company down? I know it is life insurance, but don't know which one. Can you give me some advice?



We get lots of requests for help to find insurance companies. Unfortunately, we don't have a specialized research department that can handle all the inquiries. However, here's the best advice I can offer: try again with your bank. The numbers that they have may indicate a bank account number or even a branch number. Once you have the branch number, you may be able to call them and have them help you get the company name.


If this turns out to be impossible due to privacy laws, then you may have to hire a business researcher. That person may be able to match the bank abbreviation to a company for you. Most business research types will advertise at your local business registration location or you might find one through a lawyer that registers company names. Such people can help you locate a company.

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