Insurance for a Storage Building

My wife and I sell imported goods, from China, at the local Farmers Market on the big island of Hawaii. We have a business license and have been selling there for about 3 years. Some of the vendors who sell there have storage buildings. Our business has grown, so we paid to have a storage building made for us. When it was delivered and placed along with the rest of the other buildings we decided to contact insurance companies before we put our stock into it. But we find that no one offers insurance for such buildings? So now we just keep the tables and bulky items in our storage unit. I asked the other vendors if they had insurance and they said no.


What would it take to get insurance? Maybe a group plan for all the vendors who have storage buildings?



I've heard about problems before in finding insurance for storage. My recommendation is to contact some local storage facilities and see if they will give you a referral to an insurance company that insures storage. They may be aware of some. My other suggestion is to see if you can get insurance for your "stock" regardless of where it is located. If you have small business insurance, I'd speak to that company about it.

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