Non-Custodial Parents

My stepdaughter just received her driver's license. We are not her custodial parents. She comes to our house every other weekend and one day during the opposite weeks. I have a car that belongs to me that I want to let her drive. I have been told that I do not have to carry coverage on her since she does not live with us.

Her mother thinks that we are supposed to pay extra insurance. (She always wants us to pay!) What is the true story?



The true story is that you should read your insurance policy and be sure that your stepdaughter is fully covered by your "occasional driver" clauses. Many occasional driver clauses have restrictions related to age, length of time driving, as well as others. I've frequently seen restrictions that limit occasional drivers to individuals over 21 years of age. So, you may find that you will have to specifically add a teenager to your policy to insure that they are covered. 

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