Insurance for Holistic Practice

I have a small holistic sound healing business. My clients come to my home for treatment (only a few per week), but I also tour giving sound healing concerts. (Normally I drive my truck). This means I have some sound and light equipment, some musical instruments and a laptop. I would like to know what kind of insurance would cover damage and theft of these items when touring and also protect me from any lawsuits from private clients.


The insurance for your equipment is very simple. If you have a homeowners' policy, you can add an extra "endorsement" or rider to your policy that specifically names the equipment. However, since you are using the equipment for business, if you have a small business policy, this would be your best bet and it ensures there will be no issues in your coverage. You can ensure all your relevant business equipment through your small business policy. And, if what you want to do is be covered in case of a lawsuit by a client, then a small business policy is the right way to go, as it will also provide you with the required liability insurance.

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