Adding a Fiancé to Insurance

At the end of the month I am planning to move in with my fiancé. When giving our info to my insurance company they wanted my fiancé's driver's licence number, social security number and previous insurance info. My fiancé has lived in Manhattan for 6-years and in Hoboken or one year, so he has not owned a car or had an insurance policy in quite some time.

Because he has no history of insurance, my company is going to raise my rate by nearly $2000 for a 6-month policy. Is this normal? The car is mine and I drive it to work every day. He only would use the car occasionally on weekends. Do I really need to add him to my policy, and if so, is there a more reasonably priced option? I can't imagine paying an extra $4000 a year, to cover a 33-year-old man, who has had his license since he was 17, and would be a secondary driver on my car.


This is a tough situation. All I can recommend is to find another insurance company. You should certainly add your fiancé to your insurance as an "occasional driver" (and I'd recommend that even before you move, so that he can start to have a history of insurance), but that should not raise your insurance by the amount that you've indicated. I don't think this is "normal", but I do think that it could be common, so be prepared to do some footwork to find another company that will work with you.

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