Car Damaged in Hurricane

I live in the Boca Raton and my car has just been damaged beyond repair due to the latest hurricane. I only have one-way insurance and therefore lost the car without any compensation. The damage was not caused by the hurricane directly, but by a big huge garbage bin that rolled right to the front of my car and tipped over. My car was the only car in the lot and on the street that was damaged.

I strongly believe that if the city had secured the garbage bin tightly knowing that the hurricane was approaching, I would still be driving a car. I cannot help think that the city is responsible for my car damage. Is there any law or policy that can provide me with any compensation?


If you think that you have a case against the city, your best bet is a half-hour of free lawyer advice. Based on what you've described regarding your insurance policy coverage, I don't think you have any other recourse.

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