Health Insurance for Europeans in the US

My father needs to have a respiratory investigation due to an X-ray showing scarring on his lungs. We have all booked to go to Florida in December and his doctor has told him to go.

My dad tried to get insurance and was quoted £1600 because the investigation will not be done before he goes.

Can you tell me if he needs to have this insurance? What happens if he is ill in US? You hear so many stories of their medical costs.


Medical care for any kind of illness in the US can be quite expensive. If your father is an older man, you are taking your chances if he arrives in the US and has to be hospitalized for any reason. Hospital care can add up to thousands per day, especially if specialized services are involved. Is there anyway that the examination can be done early and the results provided to the insurance company? If the condition is shown to be minor, the cost of the insurance should come down.

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