Insurance for Frequent Travellers

I have a friend who frequently visits the U.S. for personal and business purposes. We would like to know what types of insurance are available and if you have any recommendations.


If you are travelling frequently from one country to another, you should consider some kind of medical insurance that will cover you in the country you are traveling to. The issue is that medical costs can be staggering if you have to pay them out of your own pocket. Be sure to find an insurance that will pay up-front, rather than have you pay and be reimbursed later.

Other insurance to consider (especially if you are conducting business in another country) is some kind of business liability insurance that will cover your business activities in the other country. If you have an existing business liability (or errors and omissions policy), check the fine print and see if the coverage is limited to the country of residence. If so, get some additional coverage.

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