Insurance for Children of Divorced Spouses

I have a question regarding dental insurance. My ex daughter-in-law has custody of my two grandchildren. She has remarried and the grandchildren are covered under her husband's military insurance. My son also has dental insurance with his employer and has added the two children to his coverage. He has been informed that when his daughter requires braces for her teeth, only one insurance can be billed. What has happened to dual coverage? If they are both paying premiums, why can't they collect from both companies? I understand that they can't make a profit, but it seems to me that dual coverage should be just what it says.



This is standard: only one insurer can be "primary" and any other insurer must be "secondary." Since both your ex-daughter-in-law and son have primary insurance coverage, only one insurer will pay.


It would make sense to have them agree to use one insurer, if they can agree to a reasonable division of the costs.

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