Problems with an Insurer

I am presently enrolled with Humana Choice Care Network. I have been getting the runaround regarding a copy of a cancelled check, with which Humana says it paid for a service. Humana informed me that a copied check was being sent to the provider. When I called Humana to follow up on the process of the check today, the notes on my account do not show the check being requested. Every time I talk to a rep there is different story. When I asked to have a manager return my call, the rep expressed an uncaring and cavalier attitude.

I have been asking for assistance and talked to SEVERAL reps regarding this matter since September 2004.


I would be sending a letter to the Customer Service Manager directly and potentially that person's boss. You might even want to copy the President or CEO. You certainly have grounds to go above the heads of the people you've been dealing with if you are not getting the service or information that you are reasonably requesting. I'd also consider a letter of complaint to your state Department of Insurance if you feel strongly enough about the matter.

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