Insurance Company Reneges On Coverage

I am writing you in regards to a problem I am having. On the day after Thanksgiving 2005, I co-signed for my son to have a car. Everything went fine while at the dealership. I amd my son were told the car was covered and he could drive it. So this he did.
The next day, around 4 p.m., my son was driving down the street. It was icy and he lost control of the car, ending up in a yard after hitting a fire hydrant.
The car was badly damaged. I had it towed back to the dealership and first thing on Monday I called my insurance company to tell them what happened. Now I'm told they will not cover anything! My insurance company called the body shop and told them and they are the ones who let me know.
The car has been sitting there since last November with the insurance company saying everything is "under investigation". Is there anything I can do about this?
The whole car buying process would come to a screeching halt if everyone had to wait several days to get insurance coverage. Therefore, when you buy a car, in most cases the dealer will call your insurance company as part of the process and ensure that there is valid insurance on your new vehicle. They may even print you a temporary insurance card. And then, you simply wait for the final papers to come in the mail.
Now, you don't tell me if the insurer is claiming that they were never called? That insurance was not set up to take effect immediately? If so, you have the car dealership to back you up that the call was made and that insurance coverage was confirmed. However, if the car dealership didn't get the insurance set up correctly, your only remedy may be with them, since you were driving without insurance due to their error.
You'll likely need a lawyer to help you figure this mess out.
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