Insuring a Healthy 2 Year Old for 3 Months

I recently switched jobs and decided to get my own insurance. The company that insured my wife, daughter and myself would not insure my son due to a lung infection he had earlier this year. They said he needs to be healthy for 3 months. He is a healthy kid. Do you have any ideas?
I have a couple of ideas:
1. You could get a discount health plan for your son. It's inexpensive, and if you only need it for a short time, (and your son is generally very healthy), it could work out perfectly as a stop gap measure, until your own insurance would kick in. You might have to check out different plans -- some restrict themselves to periods of at least 1 year.
2. You could get a short term health insurance plan just for your son. Some companies actually specialize in such insurance. You can buy short term insurance for as little as three months. Since your son is healthy, you could likely get by with the minimum coverage. This again will serve as a suitable stop gap until your own insurance kicks in.
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