Fired on Short Term Disability

I want to speak with someone regarding short term disability.

While I was employed, I had STD Papers filled out by my doctor. When I brought them to work and handed them in to my supervisor, I was fired from my position of 2 years. I have just come from my dental surgeon who says I need work done on a tooth that had a root canal and is infected. I may even require surgery.

My question to you is due to these circumstances will my insurer still cover me until my case is settled? I have contacted a lawyer and they are taking on this case.


I would assume that you have no insurance at this time. It would be unlikely for the insurance company to cover any expenses until this matter is settled. If you go forward with the dental work, you will likely have to pay the expenses fully yourself. If you win your court case, you will likely be able to make a claim for these services -- but you should check with your lawyer.

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