Getting Home Insurance with a Rottweiler

I have had Rottweilers for 25 years and have never had a problem with them.  They have all been trained, loving family pets. I have recently remarried and just lost my last Rottie. I want to get a new one but my husband says his insurance company will cancel his policy if he has a Rottweiler. Is this true? Can insurance companies do this? Is there a way to pay an extra premium? Any info would be appreciated.


Yes. Insurance companies can deem (at their own discretion) that something is "high risk" to them and can decide to cancel insurance. There is certainly no law against it.

Unfortunately, your beloved breed of dog has a very bad reputation, whether it deserves it or not. While I agree that it's "bad owners" and not "bad dogs" that cause the problem, the problem exists nonetheless. Many insurance companies will consider a Rottweiler to be a "dangerous dog", including:

  • State Farm Insurance
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Allstate
  • Metropolitan
  • American Family
  • Met-Life
  • Nationwide

Since your husband is currently insured with State Farm, you have a definite challenge. You will likely have to change companies.Be sure to do that BEFORE you get the dog. If State Farm cancels your husband's policy, it will be much harder to get insurance after that. A cancellation looks bad.

What you need is an insurace company that doesn't have breed specific underwriting guidelines. The number of these companies may be very limited. Having said that, I found a reference to Farmers Insurance as insuring Rottweilers. You could also check with American Kennel Club -- they have homeowners insurance as a benefit to members. Nationwide Insurance may cover breeds on it's 'dangerous' list if the dog has a CGC.

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