Acme Insurance and Possible Identity Theft

I have been contacted three times by a person supposedly representing Acme Insurance Company.  I did a "reverse directory" on the number from which the last call came.  It came up as a cell phone in Bloomington, IL.  I am concerned that this may be a bogus call.  Since the individual had personal information about me, I am also concerned about possible identity theft.  Can you advise if there is, in fact, an Acme Insurance Company in Illinois and provide me with contact information?


You have every right to be concerned about identity theft. It's not just a crime in which the obviously rich are targeted. In fact, a solid, middle-class citizen is often a better target for such a criminal.

I did a quick search on the site, and found a number of entries for "Acme Insurance" but not one of them was based in Illinois. This would make me wonder: were you being contacted by an agent, rather than the company? Or perhaps you are right: this is a bogus call.

Another option is to contact the Department of Insurance for Illinois and see if they can give you any information on Acme Insurance. Often a state's department of insurance, or office of the insurance commissioner, will have information on complaints against insurers as well. You can check if there are any registered complaints, and can also make a complaint if you want.

As for the personal information that this company appears to have on you, do not confirm or deny any of it. Be sure never to give anyone calling you banking or other passwords. Always check to be sure that there really is an issue, and always check with your bank or other financial institution to see if there is any reason you should be giving out such information. Virtually all cases when you are asked for such information are scams.

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