Find Out If An Old Policy Still Exists

Some 20 years ago I took a life policy with Citicorp - British National which I paid into for a short period. The Company that I was employed with has gone out of business and I have moved home several times since. Can you advise how I get information on this old dormant policy as the telephone number I had is no longer correct?

The last statement I had from this company showed that contributions paid were £952.

Where do I go from here?


This is a common problem -- many of us lose track of old policies and don't know where to start. However, I believe you may have a second problem: if the policy was only paid into for a short time and then the payments "lapsed", it's quite likely that the policy was cancelled. Please keep this in mind, as it will likely affect how much work you want to put into finding out if the policy is "dormant" or actually "lapsed".

Your first step is to make use of DNB's search engine to see if you can find the company yourself. You can search for companies anywhere in the world. Obviously, you will be looking in the UK.

If you can't find it yourself, you could consider hiring a business researcher from DNB to locate the company (or its successor). You would have to see if it makes sense, given that the amount in the policy according to your records is a relatively small amount.

Once you have a company contact, the rest is up to you.

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