Does insurance cover extended warranty?

Our house was broken into two weeks ago. Some of the articles stolen were our laptop notebook and camera. These items were purchased with extended warranty which is still valid. Our insurance adjuster claims that the insurance will replace the stolen item but will not pay for extended warranty. We paid for the extended warranty therefore in our opinion the insurance should  for additional warranty too as this is part of the loss. Please confirm if we should be compensated for the warranty?

As far as actually replacing an item, can a insurance adjuster force us to settle for a replacement item that is discontinued or older model but still available in the market? What has been suggested is not equal to or even near to the performance of the lost item.


Unless You have a special clause in your insurance, it will only cover the cost of the item itself -- and extended warranty (while valuable to you) is not part of the cost of the item, per se. So, in my opinion, you won't likely see any money for the warranty.

When it comes to what the insurance adjuster can suggest for a replacement item, it will also be controlled by the wording of your policy. If your policy is full replacement value, then the insurance adjuster should be looking at the full value of the item to replace it. However, most basic homeowners policies will not ensure that replacement value also means the most current technology! They will be looking at comparable items on the market. Your best bet is to do some research of your own, and "counter" the suggestion of the adjuster.

Keep in mind that your insurance company is trying to limit the "liability" of your claim. In other words, they want to "buy you off" at the lowest possible cost to them. So, while you have purchased a service from them (to be compensated if you have a claim), you also can't expect that they will be on your side in this interaction necessarily. You may have to become a "squeaky wheel" in order to get the service you are looking for. And a bit of research of your own never hurts.

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