Hazard Insurance

I need Hazard Insurance. I didn't see an option for Hazard Insurance. Can I get more information?


Hazard insurance is just a general term for homeowners insurance that covers you for specific "perils". The most common perils include such natural disasters as fire, wind, earthquakes, lightning and hurricane as well as certain problems such as vandalism. Simply, hazard insurance covers you against hazards; and in most cases, this is part of your homeowners insurance, although you can also get separate insurance coverage for some kinds of hazards.

One of your best ways to get good coverage overall is to get a good basic homeowners policy and then add on specific endorsements or "riders" for the hazards that you are concerned with. For instance, if you live in Florida (and are in the midst of hurricane season), you will want flood, wind and hurricane coverage, in addition to your "generic" homeowners coverage. If you live in California, you might want to add coverage for earthquakes.

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