Employer Bankruptcy and Health Insurance Coverage

My former employer that I worked for two years ago filed for bankruptcy and left me with several thousand dollars in debt.

During the time that I was employed by this company, I began to experience heart complications that prompted me to go to emergency rooms, physicians offices, and testing laboratories. My former employer stopped making payments on my premium to my insurance provider, prior to thier bankruptcy claim. Those balances that my former employer neglected to pay became my debt; now collection agencies are aggressively seeking full repayment of the rendered services. Hundreds of former employees of this company as well as myself filed a class action lawsuit with the city in which we worked. Being that the company filed bankruptcy and liquidated thier assets, I am left with this dilemma.

My question to you: What are my rights?" Can you please provide me with names and numbers of agencies and people I can speak with to remedy this issue, without me having to pay this large debt? The state I live in is New Jersey, the city in which my former employer had its business and where the suit was filed is Newark.


If I were you, I would approach the Department of Insurance in both your home state and the state where you were employed. They should be able to give you some idea of your rights in this situation, and if there is any state-sponsored help for someone in your position. Otherwise, it leaves you directly in the line of fire regarding these costs.

You had medical services delivered to you; you'll be expected to pay. Since your employer didn't pay premiums on your insurance, you do not have "coverage" from the insurance company. Your previous employer is clearly at fault, but they have filed for bankruptcy and basically left the scene of the crime. With any luck, your legal action may be able to recover some of the costs that you will be required to pay.

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