Can't Find Insurance

I am a 50 year old white female that flat lined at work 6/6/03.  I have used my cobra up and cannot find any insurance.  I have not worked since this has happened. I have applied for my social security disability but have not heard anything yet.  The only income for our household is 990.00 per month from my husband.  Can you give me some insurance that is affordable and pays enough for the premiums?


If I were you, I'd contact my state Department of Insurance as soon as possible. They may be able to help you out, either through a "high risk pool" (which is often run by the state) or with information regarding next steps.

Have you been certified as unable to work? If so, become the "squeeky wheel" regarding your social security disability. You can't assume that you will be approved, as it is becoming harder and harder to collect disability. It may even be worthwhile to consult a lawyer. Some states have legal services who can take your civil case without charge, and who may be able to get things happening with your disability pension claim. Check with your local city or municipality to find out if such a "legal aid" organization exists in your area.

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