Insurance for Zero Lot Line Subdivision

We are owners in a complex of 4 buildings with 10 units in a building; it is a zero lot line subdivision.  What type of insurance (in Florida) should each owner carry and what should the association carry?  We have two tennis courts and two swimming pools with pool houses.  Who is responsible insurance wise for the driveways, roadways?  Plus walkways to the beach?


In general, the association should carry the insurance on any "common use" area. This would include roadways, walkways, pools, tennis courts, etc. The association should also carry the insurance on the buildings in the complex -- this would be for the structure only, and wouldn't include (normally) the contents of each unit or items which are unique to a unit and have been added by the unit owner.

In Florida, the association should have more than the standard coverage for the buildings. You should have hurricane, wind and flood insurance for the entire complex.

In most cases, unit holders decide on their own insurance for their own unit and belongings. In this case, each unit holder should have their own "condo" insurance, and should also have flood, hurricane and wind insurance to cover their personal belongings including any upgrades or changes they've made to the inside of their units or "common elements" (like a driveway leading to a private use garage).

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