Insurance for a Canadian Temporarily Living in the US

My son (23) has been driving for 7 years accident free. He has been covered under my policy as a second driver on both my and my husband's vehicles. Resently we have given him a gift of his own vehicle. I called my insurance company and got a quote of $850.00 per year to insure him, which I thought was reasonable for basic coverage.

Here's my problem. My son is travelling to the states (South Carolina) for 3-4 months where his girlfriend will be working. My insurance company tells me they will not cover him while he is in the US. Is there any way to find out what I can do about this or if he can actually get coverage?


Your son can get coverage -- but he will have to get it in the US, given the amount of time that he will be in the US. Your best bet is to contact a US insurance company directly with the pertinent information -- where your son will be living and how far his commute is if he's also working -- and the company will be able to give you a quote. You'll be able to get quotes for car insurance through our site. Simply check the trusted sponsor links on our auto insurance pages.

I'd advise more than one quote; premiums can vary considerably from one company to another.

Do keep in mind that a young adult male will likely be looking at quite a hefty premium to be insured, especially when he is the only one on the policy.

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