Homeowners Insurance Dropped by Insurer After 40 Years

We live in PA and have had our homeowners insurance with the same company for 40 years. We also have a small business in the attached garage of our ranch style house. In that business, we sell reloading supplies and guns and related supplies. We have another insurance policy with another company for commercial liability and property coverage due to our small business. 

We now find ourselves being dropped by the homeowners insurance company, due to hazard and risk. Who do we now go to?  This all happened when the agent was changed. 


When your agent changes, the next agent may not see your situation the same as the first. This can mean trouble if the new agent views you as an increased risk to the company, and reports that to the company.

Unfortunately, once you have been deemed "high risk" by one insurer, you are likely looking at being considered high risk by other insurers.

Is there any chance that you could get a homeowners policy from the same company that is supplying your business insurance? If so, you might have your best bet. They already know about your business and are insuring it; surely, they wouldn't see your homeowners policy as "high risk".

Be sure to get homeowners insurance as soon as possible. If you have a mortgage, it could become fully payable and due if your homeowners insurance is lapsed.

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