Independent Liberty Life Insurance Company

I have an insurance policy from 1970 from Independent Liberty Life Insurance Company.  How can I check on the status of this policy?


Your first step is to find out who has acquired "Liberty Life", and whether Independent Liberty Life is the same company as "Liberty Life". If Liberty Life is the right company, then you are in luck. In fact, RBC Insurance acquired Liberty Life in 2000. You can contact RBC Insurance regarding your policy (I'm presuming life insurance) at 1-800-234-5514.

Posted by Charlene Avery on June 7,2007 at 7:22 PM

I would like to know if the person who inquired about the Independent life insurance compay was successful in finding out any information.  I  also have an insurance policy dated back to 1970 with the same company.  Can you please email me with any further info.    

Thanks in advance.

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