Automatic Bank Account Deduction by Unknown Company

I have an insurance company taking an amount from my checking account and their acronym is GLAIC GLAIC PRM.  Can you please help me find out what insurance company this is?


We frequently get this question, and as far as I know, other than the acronym used to identify the payment, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to find out the full name of the company. In many cases, I have had people report that even the bank couldn't seem to find the full name of the company. (Makes me wonder how the banks are keeping records of transactions.) If you are no longer interested in keeping the policy, all I can recommend is that you cancel the payment. However, be prepared that you'll have the insurance cancelled by reason of non-payment of premium, and that may turn up on your credit report, and can affect your ability to get insurance later. Your best bet if you want to cancel is to get other insurance to replace the policy first, and then cancel the payment. That way you won't be without insurance at the time when you cancel, and then find it harder to get.  

Posted by Katie on August 17,2006 at 1:25 PM
I work for a bank in Virginia. My clients wife passed away. In the process of closing her accounts, we found an auto debit for GLAIC PRM. I researched the ID# and Trace# and found that the company is Genworth Insurance. (There phone number is 800-628-2238) My client stated that he thought they bought out Life of Virginia, an insurance company he still held a policy with. I am sorry that other banks were unable to provide this information. My ACH department was able to give me all of this information in under 5 minutes. Hopefully this information will help.
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