Insurance on Personal RV That Allows Rental

We own an RV and are looking into renting it out. Please advise the name of insurance companies that provide this kind of insurance. We have insurance on the RV; however, it would not be sufficient if we decide to advertise the RV for rental.


Your best bet is to call an RV insurer, and ask about coverage that would allow you to rent the vehicle. Since this is a more "unusual" type of coverage, it's necessary that you call insurers and speak with them directly.

As for companies, I don't have a specific one to recommend, but if you check out our trusted sponsor links on our RV insurance pages, you will be able to identify some insurers that may offer this coverage. Another good resource is either a local or national RV club. These clubs often have considerable member benefits; being able to get referred to a good insurer would be only one of them.

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