How to Find a Current Sun Life Telephone Number

I have a policy that I am trying to get current infomation on. The original correspondence was with Provident Indemnity Insurance Company. Since the policy was purchased, the company transferred it to Sun Life Insurance Company of America located in the Baltimore, Maryland area. I have tried repeatly to contact this company to no avail. The phone number on the 1976 letter is no longer valid. Can you help me locate a contact person or number?


I found a Sun Life in Baltimore, but it was Sun Life Assurance of Canada. However, it is a US branch. Perhaps this is actually the company that purchased your policy? There does not appear to be a "Sun Life Insurance of America" in existence at this time.

The address and phone number for Sun Life Assurance of Canada is:

Sun Life Assurance
190 Harry S Truman Parkway, Annapolis, MD 21401
410) 266-0573

If this isn't the right company, I would try DNB's research service to find out the current owner of your policy (and whether it is still Sun Life). Go to the DNB website at and check out their services for small business. You can get the same kinds of services as an individual.

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