Find a Job in Insurance

I am 23 and have a diploma in accounting and finance. I also have qualifications in insurance here in Australia. I am going to over to America to perhaps marry and relocate. So I'm wondering where I would need to start to look for work in insurance companies in the US.


You can your job search start right from Australia. I'd suggest you consult with a local overseas recruiter. However, there is also a lot you can do online.

Two of the biggest online job search sites are and It wouldn't hurt to register with both of these. You can specify the kinds of positions that you are looking for as well as specify that you want a position in the insurance industry. could be a good site for you, given that it caters to positions in the financial sector. This site also covers insurance positions.

If you are interested in specific cities, you can look up that city and may often be able to find a job search site that is specific to that city.

Posted by Chris Brodie on August 16,2006 at 11:24 AM
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