Getting Insurance Online

How do I find online insurance providers?


Are you interested in buying online? If you want to buy insurance online, you have a lot of options! Many companies will take you from quote to insurance certificate, all while you are at your computer. Of course, you have to have a printer if you want to get your insurance certificate while online. But this all depends on the type of insurance you want to buy. You have the most choice to buy online with auto insurance. Insurance that requires more personal information about you -- health insurance, for instance -- may allow you to start your process online, but you will likely have to speak with a person or agent somewhere along the way.

Most insurers have their own websites. If you want to compare quotes, you can try a number of sites, including Quotesmith and Insweb.

Here's an idea: why not go to the pages on this site for the type of insurance you are interested in, and click on a trusted sponsor link? Most of our trusted sponsors will allow you to do some or all of the buying process online.

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