Travel Insurance for Missed Flights Due to Delay

I am looking for a travel insurance which will cover me for onward booked domestic flights. I recently had problems when returning to the UK after a holiday abroad when my flight was late in arriving, and I've then missed booked domestic flights. In fact, I returned from Gambia in March after a 24hr delay in Banjul and I missed my domestic flight to Inverness from Gatwick. I had to purchase new tickets. Then I found out that travel Insurance did not cover this.


You're right; travel insurance does not always cover the cost of having to buy a new ticket when a flight is missed. You have to make sure that the policy that you purchase has this coverage.

I did find some information on this type of insurance that indicates it can be problematic. "Missed Connection Insurance" usually requires that you allow unreasonable amounts of time when transferring at hub airports. Having said that, it will usually save you at least some of your costs. Be aware that sometimes the insurance only covers the cost of your original tickets -- not the new, higher priced ones you were forced to buy. Read your coverage carefully.
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